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Aug 12 '14

what should i sketch before i sleep?

Aug 12 '14

i know it’s something i lament often, but i honestly get such bad anxiety from writing things to people (especially letters and emails) that i’ve been stressing for the past half hour about what i wrote in a memo on a cheque, and how i addressed the envelope i sent it in

i think it’s because written communications have such permanence that it terrifies me

ah well

Jul 31 '14


gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun is a treasure,

Jun 3 '14

Day 1 of livin on my own, out in Vancouver:

Food poisoning.

May 28 '14

so i spent most of today being way too hyped over The New Adventures of He-Man

it’s so dumb i can’t help but love it like look at this shit


he-man ditches his loincloth for a pair of skintight blue leggings and a sick ponytail but even better is how he looks as prince adam


check out that hair that’s amazing

and his buddies?



but undoubtedly the best part is skeletor like


oh my god what the hell

sadly he ditches the mincing NYEHH voice but that’s okay because his new voice is awesome and he’s just this weird, hilarious nerd. like, look at this



(this smear frame tho)


look at him giggle

basically i just had to share this magnificence. the entire thing is on youtube and even though i’m only 5 episodes in (so disclaimer, i have no idea what the quality is like later) i highly suggest watching it because man alive is it a weird experience

May 26 '14

in emails i am stiff and formal

on the phone i am nervous and awkward

communication is hard i should just learn to teleport so i can talk to people face to face all the time. 

May 26 '14
just a quick little ben headshot before i go to bed
because man, i miss drawing…

just a quick little ben headshot before i go to bed

because man, i miss drawing…

May 20 '14

apartment confirmed for vancouver! 

May 3 '14

sorry for the inactivity

life has been weird and kinda stressful and crazy especially, these past few days

i’ll try to be around more soon

Apr 28 '14